An update on the forums refresh

Brian Harry

As with any significant change, there is a period of “burn in” the tune it. I want to thank everyone who has already provided feedback and ask that you please keep it coming. We’ve already released an update with some improvements for the “easy stuff” and the team has created a backlog for the next sprint to address some of the bigger things. Here’s a list of the things we’ve done to address feedback already in the deployment we did yesterday afternoon:

  • Added “original poster” and “Last Replier” to thread summary view
  • Moved “[ view all ]” link from the bottom to the top of the “Forums” list to promote discoverability
  • Changed the label over the Forum list from “Categories” to “Forums” to help users figure out that’s where to select forums
  • Changed “Inquirer” to “Asked by” and “Top Answerer” to “Answered by” to clarify why a given user’s avatar is being shown
  • Increased font size for “Quick access” label to increase discoverability
  • Improved handling of thread titles that contain quotation marks
  • Fixed caching issue that caused  ‘Question’ and ‘Vote’ strings to sometimes appear in wrong language
  • Improved CSS layout for windows phone dev center skin

We’ll continue to work on improving it based on the feedback. Thanks for your help,



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