A fun project for customer connection

Brian Harry

Last week the VS Code team came to us saying that they really wanted a great experience getting bug reports from customers.  Microsoft Connect just isn’t a pleasant experience.  They looked at UserVoice and it’s great for suggestions but not optimized for bugs. We decided to pull a few people from across the VS Online team together and do a 3 day Hack-a-thon to see what we could put together.  I’ve been blown away by what they accomplished.  They shipped an increment at the end of each day – sometimes more than once, and delivered a fully functional experience at the end of day 3. You can find it on the VS Code web site here: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com You can also read more about what the VS Code team is doing with feedback management here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/vscode/archive/2015/05/13/reacting-to-feedback-common-issues-and-our-first-update.aspx This is fully integrated with the VSO account that the VS Code team uses to manage their development. It was built entirely as a VS Code experience in their web site – so, it’s not reusable as is.  But we expect, over the next several weeks, to see what we can extract out of this.  Do we open source it?  Do we ship it as a VSO/TFS add-on?  Include it in the product?  Who knows.  I’m certainly interested in your thoughts though.



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