Davide Mauri

Principal Program Manager, Azure SQL

I started as a developer, I fell in love with Data and Database, in all their forms. I still have a passion for development (C# and Python). My focus has been databases and performance tuning, focusing both on transactional and analytical workloads. For 5 years I helped developers to get the best out of SQL Server, then I moved to Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing for 10 years. Then I moved to IoT and Big Data for a while. Now back to database space, as Product Manager for Azure SQL Database, helping developers to re-discover SQL, using any platform and any OS.

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Automatic GraphQL and REST endpoint for Azure SQL with Directus

Extremely performant and built entirely on Node.js, Directus is an open-source Data Platform that installs as a layer on top of your existing SQL database, so that you can you instantly get a dynamic API (REST and GraphQL) to your database

Modern application development with Prisma, GraphQL (or REST) and Azure SQL

Prisma is an open-source next-generation ORM for Node.js and TypeScript that eliminates many of the usual challenges that developers face, making you more productive and confident when building data-intensive applications. You can use it as an alternative to traditional ORMs and SQL query builders to read and write data to your database.

Dev life is easy with node-mssql

The node-mssql package simplify a lot the process of connecting and using Azure SQL with Node

The “insert if not exists” challenge: a solution

How to solve the common problem of "insert-if-not-exists" in a very elegant, clever and scalable way.

Modern development: creating a REST API, via CI/CD and back

Video and sample code to create a end-to-end REST solution with Azure SQL, from zero to the CI/CD pipeline, with Unit Testing too!

Using an Azure Container Instance to convert a BAK to BACPAC for Import into Azure SQL Database

Importing a SQL Server backup into an Azure SQL Database is not a trivial task. Here's how to automate the process of converting a .bak to .bacpac file using Docker Containers, Powershell and some automation.

Autoscaling with Azure SQL Hyperscale

Azure SQL Hyperscale is the latest architectural evolution of Azure SQL, which has been natively designed to take advantage of the cloud. One of the main key features of this new architecture is the complete separation of Compute Nodes and Storage Nodes. This allows for the independent scale of each service, making Hyperscale more flexible...

Serverless Streaming At Scale with Azure SQL

(image) Just before Ignite, a very interesting case study done with RXR has been released, where they showcased their IoT solution to bring safety in buildings during COVID times. It uses Azure SQL to store warm data, allowing it to be served and consumed to all downstream users, from analytical applications to mobile clients, dashboards, ...

Resources to become a Well-Rounded Full-Stack Developer

(image)   If you want to start coding and create your own solutions - be it an App, a Website or something else - or if you want to start a career as developer, you're in luck! There has never been so many and so good training material around, and - even better - available for free. Last addition to the amazing long list of ...

Promises, Node, Tedious, Azure SQL. Oh My!

(image) If you are new to Node.js like I am, using Tedious to access Azure SQL can be challenging at the beginning. My understanding is that Tedious, while being fully asynchronous, doesn't support nor Promises nor the more modern async/await pattern. Tedious, in fact, uses events to execute asynchronous code and so a bit of work is...