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Introducing new previews for Azure management libraries

We’re excited to announce that a new set of Azure management libraries for Java, .NET and Python are now in Public Preview. These libraries follow the Azure SDK guidelines and share a number of core features such as authentication protocols, HTTP retries, logging, and transport protocols.

Dependency Management for Java

It is common practice to reuse software libraries to speed up development. However, it introduces a problem of dependency management in your project. I will break down some of our solutions for dependency management in Java. You will learn how to use Maven and Gradle for this task, and how to troubleshoot dependency conflicts along the way. ...
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Async Iterators in the Azure SDK for JavaScript/TypeScript

A common feature in cloud APIs is paging for list results. Result sets may be massive - you could have thousands of blobs in a container, for example. Getting all results at once can cause delays in transmission and excessive load on the backend. We'll show you how the Azure SDK handles this issue.

Forecasting Service scale out with Jupyter Notebooks in Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code has an extension for running Jupyter Notebooks, which is a great tool for those of us interested in data analytics as it simplifies our workflows. In this article, I will show how to consume Azure data in a Jupyter Notebook using the Azure SDK. The problem I will be demonstrating builds a predictive model to anticipate ...