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C++ with Visual Studio and WSL2

Our team released native support for C++ with the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Visual Studio in 2019. “Native support” means that all commands are executed locally instead of over a SSH connection. Since then, WSL2 has been announced and we’ve received questions about our support for WSL2 in Visual Studio. The purpose of this ...

Build Throughput Series: Template Metaprogramming Fundamentals

Template metaprogramming is popular and seen in many code bases. However, it often contributes to long compile times. When investigating build throughput improvement opportunities in large codebases, our finding is that more than one million template specializations and template instantiations is quite common and often provides optimization ...

Microsoft Surface Duo coming to new markets in 2021

Hello Android developers, Last month, Microsoft announced that early in 2021 the Surface Duo will be offered in Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany! We are excited to get Surface Duo into the hands of new customers in these new markets, and also to welcome developers in those countries to our community. To celebrate, ...

A more integrated terminal experience

As part of the new additions of the Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 release, and thanks to your feedback, we have added a couple new tricks to the integrated terminal! It now allows you to open a new terminal to a location based on your Solution Explorer selection and provides customizable commands for copy and paste.   Solution Explorer...

Java on Visual Studio Code的更新 - 2020年12月

欢迎来到Visual Studio Code十二月的Java更新。当此博客发布时,我们已经到了2021年,所以,首先祝大家新年快乐。这次除了分享最新的功能外,我们还想邀请您参与我们的线上问卷调查 (问卷右上角有切换到中文选项),该调查将花费不到2...

[Guest Post] Visual Studio for Mac Helps You Write Tests

You’re writing tests for your code, right? No? Just say ‘yes’. It’ll make this blog post go a lot easier. So anyway, I’m happy to hear that you’re writing tests for all your code. Whether you’re following the “test first” / Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach or whether you’re just writing some unit tests or integration ...