End March with a Great Mobile Meetup!

James Montemagno

March has been a very exciting month for Xamarin developer groups. We have already seen several new groups have their inaugural meetup including Ogden Utah, Denver, South Florida, Northern Virginia and Glasgow! We want to welcome these groups to the Xamarin developers group community and thank all of our groups for their dedication to the Xamarin community by having great meetups each month. This month there were so many meetups that had to break it into two parts. We are over joyed to see even more new groups meeting this month to add to the plethora of meetups happening in the second half of the month.

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Here are some upcoming Xamarin developer group meetups:

Nashville Xamarin User Group us

  • Nashville, TN: Tuesday, Mar. 18th 6:30PM
  • Something Fun! Xamarin University + Coding Dojo Part II

New Group: NJ Xamarin Developers Meetup us

  • Montclair, NJ: Tuesday, Mar. 18th 7:00PM

  • Meet and Greet + Xamarin Discussion

London .NET Developers ca

  • London, ON: Wednesday, Mar. 19th 6:30PM
  • Build 2 apps for the price of one using MVVM and Portable Class Libraries

New Group: Vancouver Mobile .NET ca

  • Vancouver, BC: Thursday, Mar. 20th 7:00PM
  • Introductions & Cross-platform .NET development!

Boston Mobile C# Developer’s Group in

  • Cambridge, MA: Thursday, Mar. 20th 6:30PM
  • Mastering Time and SpaceJérémie Laval, Xamarin

Cape Town Xamarin Users Group za

  • Cape Town, South Africa: Thursday, Mar. 20th 5:30PM
  • Visual Studio + Xamarin & Introduction to Cross Platform Development

Detroit Mobile .NET Users Group us

  • Southfield, MI: Monday, Mar. 24th 6:00PM
  • Getting started with starter-mobile project template

Northern Florida Xamarin User Group us

  • Jacksonville, FL: Tuesday, Mar. 25th 6:00PM

  • Xamarin Test Cloud + Calabash

Sydney Mobile .NET Developers Group au

  • Sydney, Australia: Tuesday, Mar. 25th 6:30PM

  • Azure Mobile Services with Xamarin and MvvmCross

New Group: Warangal Xamarin Dev in

  • Warangal, India: Saturday, Mar. 29th 10:00AM
  • Introduction & Hands on with Xamarin Technologies

New Group: Los Angeles Mobile .NET Developers Group us

  • Northridge, CA: Monday, Mar. 31st 7:00PM
  • Google Glass Development with Xamarin

If you don’t see your city listed above, don’t worry as new events and developer group meetups are being added frequently on the Xamarin Events forum. Feel free to also browse through past presentations on the Xamarin Presentations forum. Here are a few new presentations given and shared recently:

If you are interested in starting a developer group in your city we are here to help you get started. We have tips and trick on staring a developer group, a brand new introduction to Xamarin slide deck, and of course our community sponsorship program to get you on your way. We also want to hear from you so please feel free to send us an email or tweet @XamarinHQ so we can help spread the word and continue to grow the Xamarin community.


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