Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 now available!


We are excited to announce the third preview release of Visual Studio 2022! With Preview 3 there are more new capabilities on the themes of personal and team productivity, modern development, and constant innovation. In this blog we’re going to highlight a few of the new capabilities of Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3. We’d love for you to download it, try it out, and join us in shaping the next major release of Visual Studio with your feedback.

Personal & team productivity

In the Visual Studio 2022 vision blog we talked about delivering innovative features that revolutionize development is an important area for us to empower you to live your best developer life. In preview 3 we are adding new capabilities to some of the less used, but useful, features such as attach to process.

Attach to process improvements

One example is the improvements in the attach to process dialog. The dialog is now async, shows the command line arguments for processes, IIS information for w3wp.exe processes, and lasty the dialog has an optional tree view mode for showing parent-child process relationships. These capabilities reduce a lot of the friction in deciding which process to debug in advanced scenarios.

New project designer

With Preview 3 there’s a brand-new project properties designer for .NET SDK projects. The new designer is easier to use and browse with a single column of options with clear descriptions. Best of all the new designer has built in search so it’s now easy to find the property you need.

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Dark theme improvements

In preview 3 you’ll see big changes to the dark theme to improve the usability of Visual Studio. The new dark theme has a new accent color, which is less intense, and used more sparingly to reduce distraction and eyestrain. The new accent color now matches the latest product visual identity, which helps you quickly find the right window when they are navigating among multiple tools.

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Developing modern apps

With Visual Studio 2022, we are building tools to both support your existing applications and tools for building the latest types of applications. For example, in preview 3 we’re adding new capabilities to run tests in Linux environments and a new project types for frontend development with React and Vue.js applications using either TypeScript or JavaScript.

Remote testing

With remote testing you can now get feedback from your cross-platform tests, and even debug them from the comfort of Visual Studio! The feature works with a range of remote environments such as Linux containers, WSL, and over SSH connections – empowering you to test modern cross platform .NET applications.

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New JavaScript and TypeScript project types

The new JavaScript and TypeScript project types for Angular, Vue, and React make it easy to incorporate front end applications within your Visual Studio solution – empowering you to launch and debug your entire app from Visual Studio.

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Innovation at your fingertips

Another crucial part of our vision for Visual Studio 2022 is innovative capabilities that unlock your potential as a developer. As a developer some of the hardest issues to resolve are issues that only happen when your application is running live. To diagnose those issues sometimes all you have is a customer report that you can’t reproduce. If you can collect a memory dump of the issue, you can use Visual Studio to debug the memory dump, but that’s no easy task.

Diagnostic analyzer

Memory dumps are complex and finding the root cause of an issue is like looking for a needle in a haystack. With Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 we’ve made that process a breeze – with the diagnostic analyzer. The diagnostic analyzer can be used on memory dumps to identify common problems seen in .NET applications. Empowering you to root cause complex issues in no time.

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Working with multiple Git repositories at once

Preview 3 is also getting new preview features such as multiple Git repository which enables you to work with a single solution that has projects in multiple repositories and contribute to them from a single instance of Visual Studio. This feature can be enabled from the `Preview` tab of Tools -> Options menu, just search for “preview” in the search bar (Ctrl+Q) and look for “Enable multi-repo support”.

One click publishing to Azure DevOps

In Preview 3 makes it easier to publish your code to Azure DevOps with the updated create Git repository experience. With a single click Visual Studio initializes a new Git repository and pushes it to Azure DevOps.

Image OneClickPublish


The features above are just a few examples of the direction we’re going with Visual Studio 2022. There are a lot more features to be explored in Preview 3. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see more blog posts coming for many of the new capabilities of Visual Studio 2022. If you can’t wait, head on over to the release notes to learn more about what’s new in preview 3.

Take part!

Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3 can be installed side-by-side with Visual Studio 2019 and it’s free for anyone to use while in preview. We want your help making Visual Studio 2022 the best developer experience for you, and we are excited for you to try out all the new productivity enhancements. We encourage you to download and use the preview just like you would use Visual Studio 2019 preview. We appreciate your time in providing feedback via Developer Community, reporting a problem, and taking part in surveys.


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  • Jose Felix

    Fails to install preview 3, the installer stops saying it cannot install the package
    Package ‘Microsoft.WebView2.arm64,version=92.0.902.55’ failed to install.
    Search URL;PackageAction=Install;ReturnCode=-2147219199
    Command executed: “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\VisualStudio\Packages\Microsoft.WebView2.arm64,version=92.0.902.55\microsoftedgewebview2runtimeinstallerarm64.exe” /silent /install
    Return code: -2147219199
    Return code details: Unknown error (0x80040901)

  • Zehev Spitz

    While I am deeply appreciative of the efforts put into VS 2022, particularly multi-repo support, is there any hope for improvement of the debugging visualizer development story? Specifically:

    * Debugging visualizers associated with value types appear to hang or crash
    * There’s no way to read the source of the expression being visualized, which would enable generating a expression that could be pasted into the Watch or Immediate panes. (Admittedly, the ideal solution would be to add the watch directly, but I suspect that’s far beyond the visualizer security model.)
    * Other information about the current debugging environment — source code language and language version, source file path and line number, current assembly path — would also be useful.
    * The default deployment story for debugging visualizers requires end-users to download and XCOPY files into one of two folders. Since the debuggee component of a visualizer may target up to three different sets of target frameworks, that’s up to three additional DLLs that have to be pasted into the appropriate subfolders. (link)
    * There is no update notification built-in to Visual Studio, as there are for extensions. Update notifications thus require a custom mechanism built into the visualizer.
    * Dependent assembly resolution is limited to the assemblies in the same folder as the visualizer component.
    * Some sort of theme information from VS, allowing the visualizer to better match the VS theme.

  • Serhii Nedilia

    Visual Studio 2022 all the time resets in Unity External Script Editor and not everything colored, like much of fields, which was blue before

    • John MillerMicrosoft employee

      Sorry for the issues! I’d like to help get this fixed. Would you help me by using the Help > Submit Feedback > Report a Problem menu in Visual Studio? From there, you can report an issue and include a screenshot and other details like the version of Unity being used.

      Another quick thing to check is that your Unity project has the Visual Studio Editor package 2.0.11 or newer installed. This is required for Visual Studio 2022 to work with Unity. You can check which version is installed using Unity Editor > Windows > Package Manager.

    • christian brandoni

      Any improvement compared to 2019 for Unity development? Faster debug start or something else?

  • Serge Lussier

    Since Preview 3: as soon as in, every c++ intellisense openned files lose the syntax coloring.
    Back to vs16
    Thanks. See you at the release day. 🙂

  • Игорь Баклыков

    Preview 3.0 is good, but WHERE IS CMAKE 3.20 AT LEAST to support VS 2022 generation?!?!?!

  • Patrick Lanz

    There is a bug in column selection with this preview:
    Make a column selection and then move the cursor with the keyboard: the column selection remains and is moved!
    I made plenty of errors while writing code because of this.

  • David Ferretti

    With WSL (Remote) Running, Debugging, and now Testing part of VS, is it a potential future that VS will have remote backends similar to VS Code?

    If I am working on a project that has a web API and a SPA frontend for example, I would like to clone the repo into my WSL2 drive and use an angular VS Code devcontainer to take advantage of the faster file system performance. That works well for the frontend project, but then I am unable to realistically run the backend project in full VS. I can technically open the .sln from my \\wsl$ drive but it is essentially a network mapped drive so VS is not really able to run the solution well.

    I usually end up cloning the repo twice, into my WSL2 drive for frontend work and my Windows drive for backend work, but it would be awesome if I could stay totally in WSL2 land with VS Code and VS.

  • Joel Evans

    I had no issues with downloading the upgrade. I like the Dark Theme changes and I look forward to using the project designer to set up my linux projects!

  • Michael Tranchida

    I can not get it to install, even with no workloads. Tried removing preview 2, the installer, started fresh, still no luck

  • Josh Baker

    I tried downloading the 2022 preview. I’ve been having installation failures for the WebView2 package; I got it to try the .NET MAUI update and get a headstart. So far the experience has been aweful. I can’t even get a working installation due to the package failure. Does this require a specific version of windows; pre-post update?