Update News: Tools for Universal Windows Apps 1.1.1, Visual Studio Emulator for Android, Tools for Apache Cordova Update 3

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Tools for Universal Windows Apps 1.1.1: This  update, which is what you’ll get with a new installation, fixes a bug in Tools for Universal Windows Apps 1.1 where Visual Studio failed to create a package for a UWP app that uses a WinRT component. You can find additional information and installation instructions in Generating Store associated package fails for a UWP application with a WinRT component (.winmd).

Visual Studio Emulator for Android: By now, hopefully you’ve heard about the new Visual Studio Emulator for Android, which is available as a standalone download for Eclipse and Android Studio users. We recently issued an update that addresses some of your top requests, including network simulation and improved screenshot functionality. You can find all the details in Network simulation and more in the VS Emulator for Android on the Visual Studio ALM blog.

Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Update 3: In this release, we improved launching the iOS debugger and made some changes to address out of memory issues with the Java Development Kit. There are also a number of bug fixes, including one that prevented Cordova projects from opening when ASP.net 5 beta 7 is installed. Lastly, we made some fixes to Windows 10 store packaging.



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