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We’re excited to announce that we’re open-sourcing the Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools on GitHub.

Productivity Power Tools, first released in 2010, is a pack of powerful extensions to improve developer productivity including Ctrl+Click Go to Definition, Copy As HTML, and Middle Click Scroll, just to name a few. Since their introduction, these tools have been updated for every major Visual Studio release, and a number of features that started out as part of the Productivity Power Tools are now core features of Visual Studio.

Making the current set of tools available to the community is important to us, and we hope it will also inspire developers with concrete examples of what can be achieved with extensions of their own.

You can find the full list of extensions we’re making available in Open Source on GitHub. The repository currently contains a subset of all extensions in Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2015. Some extensions are not yet ready to be open-sourced, but we’re working on making all of them available over time.

Interested in contributing?

We welcome your contributions on GitHub! Before doing any work, start with the roadmap that describes the contribution process. We also encourage you to add bug reports and raise feature requests as issues. You can contribute code through pull requests.

Get inspiration for your own extensions!

Besides contributing to the Power Tools directly, this repo is also a great place to browse and get inspiration on different ways to extend Visual Studio. Learn more about extending Visual Studio at


Justin Clareburt, Senior Program Manager, Visual Studio

Justin Clareburt is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio team, currently working in the Visual Studio extensibility space. He has over 20 years of Software Engineering experience having previously worked for several large organizations including Amazon, NewsCorp, Symantec, and the Australian Government. He brings to the team his expert knowledge of IDEs and a passion for creating the ultimate development experience.

Michael Dick, Senior Program Manager, Visual Studio

Michael Dick is a Program Manager working on the Visual Studio team. Before joining Microsoft, Michael worked at a variety of tech companies and is passionate about developer tools. He is currently focusing on the ecosystem and extensibility experience for Visual Studio.


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