Make your repeated edits faster and more accurate with IntelliCode suggestions

Peter Groenewegen

Making repeated editing changes in your code is tedious and error prone. In Visual Studio 2019 version 16.7 introduced IntelliCode suggestions. IntelliCode suggestion helps speed you along, tracks your edits locally, detects repetition, and applies edits to your code. We now provide better tailored suggestions and add the ability to review and apply multiple suggestions at once – check out the video below:

Apply all suggestions

You can now use apply all to review and apply all edits at once. When IntelliCode detects a suggestion, it marks the location where it can be applied with an ellipsis. With a quick action you can apply the change, and then you can choose to apply all. This will show you a preview of the changes and allow you to review them before you apply.

Let us know what you think!

We really like the kind of feedback we are getting from you! It helps us to prioritize the features we are working on and improve the experience. In the Visual Studio preview channel, you can test more interactive features.

Thank you for the detailed feedback you have been providing us! Although IntelliCode is aware of the semantic structure of your code, sometimes suggestions do not match your intent. When you see good suggestion or a suggestion that was not useful, let us know what you expected. That will help us improve and provide better suggestions in the future. Please raise issues Visual Studio “report a problem”. 

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  • Mystery Man 0

    Hi. Thanks for posting a video (instead of an animated GIF). Videos are very useful.

    But for some reason, the video player controls don’t show up. They are blank.

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