GitHub Copilot chat for Visual Studio 2022

Mark Wilson-Thomas

GitHub Copilot has become a trusted AI-assisted pair programmer helping to auto-complete comments and code more productively. That’s just the beginning though! We’ve been working to evolve Copilot to move beyond code completion and provide enhanced AI assistance that you can access throughout your development lifecycle, whatever task you happen to be doing at the time.

Copilot chat in Visual Studio

We’re bringing fully integrated AI-powered Copilot chat experiences to Visual Studio. This is no ordinary chat! With tight integration in Visual Studio, it understands what you’re working on. That means it can quickly help you get in-depth analysis and explanations of how a code block works, generate unit tests, and even find and get proposed fixes to bugs, or explain exceptions. Check out the video below to see what we mean. And this is just the start.  Watch out for more AI assistance across your whole lifecycle as we continue to develop Copilot. Already excited? Sign up for the private preview below.

With GitHub Copilot chat, if you find yourself needing more information, you can ask it to explain the code you’re working on. When you hit an error, ask Copilot to help fix it and generate unit tests. If an exception gets thrown, ask Copilot to help you figure out possible causes and even suggest fixes. By gathering the right data from Visual Studio, Copilot grasps your intent and helps you form exactly the right question to get useful answers. Using GitHub Copilot with Visual Studio gives you more time for creativity by spending less time on boilerplate manual tasks and diagnosis.

We’ll be sharing GitHub Copilot Chat for Visual Studio with a private preview soon – just sign up to be wait-listed.

Learn more and share your feedback

There’s a whole set of new ways Copilot will be able to help you with your development work, from enhancing pull requests to personalized documentation and even a natural language way to run your CLI. Please check out Thomas Dohmke’s GitHub blog post to learn more.

We’re excited to see where this next wave of AI-assisted productivity takes you as you create great software, and we’d love to hear your feedback on the GitHub Copilot Community forum.