Documents and tool windows unleashed

Mads Kristensen

We’re continuing our video series with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Visual Studio. This week is all about managing tool windows and documents. There are lots of options to customize how we layout the various windows, documents, and tabs that you use every day. Knowing about these features will help you optimize your usage of Visual Studio and make you a happier and more productive developer.

First up, we’re looking at how to work with tool windows and documents in this video.

Now that you know more about how to customize the windows, let’s look at how to save the layouts and how to switch effortlessly between them.

We hope these features are interesting to you and help you to get more out of Visual Studio.

Happy coding!


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  • Ana William 0

    Thank you for the video series with tips and tricks

  • Pavel Vishnyakov 1

    My biggest complaint about saving window layouts is that I can’t easily update an existing one, because the layout name box doesn’t autosuggest the existing layout names – which means I must input the name exactly as it’s written or suddenly have two layouts that are similar to each other.

  • Maya 0

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    • Ana William 1

      First choose software and then hardware and only buy hardware on the basis of your software requirements. Also, what is the process of gifting a car? May be off topic but looking forward to know.

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