Azure IoT Tools August Update: IoT Plug and Play tooling public preview and more!

Jun Han

Welcome to the August update of Azure IoT Tools! 

In this release of August, we have made several feature and improvements! 

IoT Plug and Play tooling public preview 

On August 22, 2019, we released a preview of IoT Plug and PlayIoT solution developers can start using Azure IoT Central or Azure IoT Hub to build solutions that integrate seamlessly with IoT devices enabled with IoT Plug and Play. IoT Device partners will also benefit from investments in developer tooling to support IoT Plug and Play. The Azure IoT Tools extension for Visual Studio Code adds IntelliSense for easy authoring of IoT Play and Play device models. It also enables code generation to create C device code that implements the IoT Plug and Play model and provides the logic to connect to IoT Central, without customers having to worry about provisioning or integration with IoT Device SDKs. The new tooling capabilities also integrates with the model repository service for seamless publishing of device models. For details, checkout this announcement for more information about IoT Plug and Play. You could also checkout this quickstart guide on how to use a device capability model to create an IoT Plug and Play device. 

Arm64 preview in Azure IoT Tools extension for Visual Studio Code 

With the release of IoT Edge 1.0.8Azure IoT Edge is supported on ARM64 IoT Edge devices. Last month, we have released the support of developing and debugging ARM64 IoT Edge C# custom modules in Visual Studio Code. In this month, we are glad to share with you that we have added support for more languages including C, Node.js and JavaFor more details, you could checkout this blog post for more information. 

Try it out 

Please don’t hesitate to give it a try! If you have any feedback, feel free to reach us at We will continuously improve our IoT developer experience to empower every IoT developers on the planet to achieve more! 


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