Lan Kaim

Director of Product Marketing

Lan is a Director on the Azure marketing team where she is responsible for the developer subscription business.

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Visual Studio Subscriptions – everything you need for Azure development

If you’re interested in cloud development, or simply want to learn more about new development tools, techniques, and frameworks, Visual Studio Subscription includes a wide range of benefits you can use. The level of benefits you have depends on your subscription type. Learn more in this post.

New Benefits in Visual Studio Subscriptions

With CAST Highlight, Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers can rapidly scan their application source code to identify the cloud readiness of their applications for migration to Microsoft Azure and monitor progress of their app both during and after a migration. Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers are eligible for two 90-day free licenses to the full-featured CloudPilot, while Visual Studio Professional subscribers can take advantage of one 30-day license to scan apps and databases of millions of lines of code in minutes.