Visual Studio at MIX 09 (Lisa Feigenbaum)

Lisa Feigenbaum


MIX 09 is here! ScottGu kicks off the keynote today at 9am PST. Below is the list of Visual Studio related sessions. The full conference list is posted here. Didn’t buy a pass? Don’t worry. Tune in to to watch sessions live, or to view them on-demand within 24hrs of recording. In addition to watching the sessions, here are some other ways to stay connected this week:

Keynotes and Visual Studio related sessions:

Day One Keynote MIX09-KEY01
Wednesday March 18 |9:00 AM11:00 AM |
By: Bill Buxton, Scott Guthrie
Day 1 keynote featuring Bill Buxton and Scott Guthrie.

Making XML Really, Really Easy with Microsoft Visual Basic 9 MIX09-T72M
Wednesday March 18 |11:55 AM12:15 PM | San Polo 3401
By: Alex Turner Tags: Languages
See how Visual Basic 9 makes generating rich XML orders of magnitude easier than using text concatenation or an object model. Come learn how XML literals, embedded expressions, LINQ integration, automatic schema generation, and other XML-specific Visual Basic 9.0 features will transform your XML experience!

Web Development Using Microsoft Visual Studio: Now and in the Future MIX09-T25F
Wednesday March 18 |2:15 PM3:30 PM | Delfino 4101
By: Jeff King Tags: Visual Studio
Learn how Visual Studio 2008 SP1 simplifies building Web applications that take advantage of MVC, Dynamic Data, AJAX, enhanced WYSIWYG standards-based development, and more. Also get a look at the new Visual Studio 2010 tools for Web developers, including new deployment tools that enable frictionless transfers of Web projects and databases from machine to machine, new code focused editing features, and the next generation of JavaScript editing and navigation tools.

Mesh-Enabled Web Applications MIX09-T04F
Wednesday March 18 |4:00 PM5:15 PM | Delfino 4103
By: Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie Tags: Azure | Live Services
Come learn how to extend your existing Web applications and get them to live and breathe within Live Mesh. See how Mesh-enabled Web applications can be accessed from anywhere through a Web browser as well as run locally (and offline) on a user’s desktop. Also see how Web applications can take full advantage of value-add Mesh services such as a dedicated sandbox, online and offline synchronized storage, automatic application updates, identity, application catalogue, social computing, and more.

Improving UX through Application Lifecycle Management MIX09-C02F
Wednesday March 18 |4:00 PM5:15 PM | Delfino 4101
By: Chris Bernard, Christian Thilmany Tags: Expression
Learn how you can leverage Microsoft Expression and Microsoft Visual Studio Team System to improve your overall application lifecycle, decrease your time to market, and ultimately raise the quality of your applications.

Day Two Keynote MIX09-KEY02
Thursday March 19 |9:00 AM10:00 AM |
By: Deborah Adler, Dean Hachamovitch
Day 2 keynote featuring Dean Hachamovitch and Deborah Adler.

C# for Designers MIX09-C05F
Thursday March 19 |2:30 PM3:45 PM | Delfino 4001
By: Fred Gerantabee, Jennifer Smith Tags: Languages
Having some programming knowledge as an interactive professional can set you apart from the rest. Come learn the essentials of C# for creating interactivity in Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation in this session, and add another weapon to your design arsenal.

Using the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio to Build Cloud Services MIX09-T81M
Friday March 20 |9:25 AM9:45 AM | San Polo 3401
By: Jim Nakashima Tags: ASP.NET | Azure
Come hear how to use the Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio to more easily create, build, debug, deploy, run and package scalable services on Windows Azure.

Using Dynamic Languages to Develop Microsoft Silverlight Applications MIX09-T22F
Friday March 20 |12:30 PM1:45 PM | Delfino 4103
By: John Lam Tags: Languages
Learn how to use the Microsoft Visual Basic/C# DLR integration to test a statically-typed application with IronRuby. See how to develop a Silverlight application end-to-end with IronRuby, and how programming with dynamic languages helps improve the dev experience.

Automated User Interface (UI) Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010 MIX09-T83M
Friday March 20 |2:50 PM3:10 PM | San Polo 3401
By: Brian Keller Tags: Visual Studio
Come hear about the new Visual Studio Team System 2010 tools and APIs for helping test a broad range of UIs that can consist of Winforms, AJAX, and Windows Presentation Foundation. See how to use Team System 2010 to ensure UI and application quality.



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