Tech-Ed San Diego, Wednesday


Posted By: David Guyer, Visual Basic Testing

Today I got to meet a lot more people who are similarly enthusiastic about the features I mentioned yesterday. Right now I’m sitting in the Sails pavillion where my day began enjoying the breeze and quiet evening.

The issue that came up twice today that I’d like to publicly state again


Microsoft is committed to VB as well as C# and, in addition to the syntax differences, they are going to be a bit different in their environment because they target different groups of customers. In Visual Studio .NET 2005 you can see evidence of the committment and differentiation between the two languages.  In VB we are delivering Error Correction, Snippets, Edit and Continue, Design Time Expression Evaluation, My., and other features specifically targeted to the VB customers. The C# customers are not going to get these features, but they are getting some other that will appeal to some different customers. I think our goal is to make as many people happy as possible.

From San Diego, Signing Off…


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