Tech Ed!!! three days later


Posted by Alexandre Moura, Visual Basic Compiler QA

This was my third day at TechEd – I think that finally I’m developing presentation capabilities – this is my first time at a conference, and I must admit I was a bit unsure about what kind of questions I’d be getting at the booths – Turns out I do know enough to man a booth, which was a nice surprise. The first two days went through at a hectic pace, but people have been enthusiastic about the new features of VB – I haven’t talked or standed up for this long in years though – I’m getting a raspy throat and sore legs.

Edit and continue has been getting a lot of attention – VB users seem to feel like an old friend is moving back to town, and I think that a few C# users have a certain envious look whenever it comes into conversation. Click once also tends to grab a few “cool“s, as well as generics, which surprisingly not many people seem to have heard of.

Not to repeat David, but we continue to meet people who are surprised VB isn’t gone yet – VB isn’t going away. VB and C# are diferent languages, with different focuses – VB focus is on productivity and ease of use, and we’ll continue to drive it there.

The conference itself has a few surprising points – The sails pavilion on the San Diego exhibition center is quite impressive, but add to that what I think are more than 1000 pc’s under a single roof and it’s more than capable of inspiring quite a few “what is going to happen to all these machines once the conference is over“ questions – and some wows also. Overall the logistics of organizing a conference like this are quite impressive – from catering to cleaning up after more than 10 000 people.

Note to self – next time, bring notebook while on cabana duty.



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