Cabanas filled with excellent VB folks…


(Posted by Duncan Mackenzie, VB Content Strategist for MSDN)

I’ve been spending the last few days at the Cabanas, pretty much all day every day this week actually, and I’ve been amazed by the folks we have hanging around there. People have come up to ask a relatively straightforward question like “How do I do a constructor in Visual Basic .NET?” and they end getting Paul Vick walking them through it on a whiteboard. In addition to the various Microsoft folks though, the Cabanas are also being staffed with MVPs and RDs, bringing the total level of VB expertise in the Cabanas to a hard-to-believe level. I happened to have my camera so I snapped a shot of two of those helpful folks, Stan Schultes and Dick Grier.

If you are at TechEd, come on down and ask your questions!


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