I'm A VB: Soumya Sengupta


·        How long have you been using VB?

11 years


·        What industry do you work in?

HR/Financial software development.


·        How big is your development team?



·        What kind of apps do you most commonly build?

Windows desktop/distributed applications in an n-tier model with various back-end platforms.


·        What’s the most interesting app you’ve ever built?

It’s hard to single out the ONE application that was the most interesting. I have had interesting chunks of work over several applications over the years.


·        Please tell us about an app that you’re working on at the moment.

I’m currently working on a complete warehouse management system, integrated with a parallel financial system. This project has been a cool learning experience because it is part of a migration from legacy HP3000-VB6 systems to VB.NET-SQL systems. I learned a lot about portability, scaling and COM Interoperability issues.


·        What other technologies do you most commonly use?

I use C# alongside of VB.net.


·        What are some of your favorite VB features?

VB.NET has all the classical OOP features, all of which I like. I would have loved it if it let us into some of the unmanaged world as well.. as well a little easier interfacing with the Windows API. But we have come a long way since VB 4.0 🙂


·        What do you like most about VB as a programming language?

Its simplicity of syntax, not fussing about case, IntelliSense and a lot more. I also like that it is the language of choice for automating Office, and writing macros or add-ins.


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