I'm A VB: Shawn Greer


Website: http://vbstyler.codeplex.com/


·        How long have you been using VB?

I believe 4 years.


·        What industry do you work in?

None currently. I am just a hobbyist right now.


·        How big is your development team?

I currently have no team.


·        What kind of apps do you most commonly build?

I like to make user controls on the visual side. I like games and go deep into paint functions.


·        What’s the most interesting app you’ve ever built?

I made a game for a friend once. It was sort of a hang man game. It used WPF and it was built to be run on a TV screen so scale was a big concern. We like to play it at his house every now and then.


·        Please tell us about an app that you’re working on at the moment.

Currently just editing my codeplex page.


·        What other technologies do you most commonly use?

WPF, ASP.Net, sometimes SQL. Mostly if it uses any amount of VB code, I am in.


·        What are some of your favorite VB features?

Intellisense, intellisense, intellisense. Every once in a while I use intellisense to learn a new command. I even love adding it to my user controls.


·        What do you like most about VB as a programming language?

It is just so simple to me. It just makes sense to me.


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