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·        How long have you been using VB?

10 years ago I started using VBA with Access and Excel. 6 years ago I discovered VB6, and it was love at first sight!  After that I never stopped, and I jumped to VB.NET 4 years ago.  I have programmed with VB.NET 2002, 2005 and I am currently programming with 2008. I hope to start programming with 2010 soon!


·        What industry do you work in?

I work in the Automobile industry, for an international corporation. I also work with industrial automation (PLC’s), but my favourite is Windows Development.


·        How big is your development team?

What is a team? 🙂 I’m the only developer in my department.  There are other teams like mine that understand that it is a hard job: there is the project, design, writing code, documentation, etc. It’s not easy, but no one said it would be.


·        What kind of apps do you most commonly build?

Most of my applications work with DB access (SQL Server mainly) that read, write, update and search for information. Most of my projects are WinForms Applications, but I have also done some ASP.NET applications. I also use VBA for Excel automation, since I work with a lot of data, and that helps me a lot (and some colleagues as well).


·        What’s the most interesting app you’ve ever built?

A maintenance application system that we call “SGM”. It controls all the maintenance modules (preventive, corrective, predictive, and calibration), and also manpower, training, etc. It uses a lot of technologies like ADO.NET, XML, ClickOnce (for network deployment and updates), Reporting Services, etc. Since it’s used by a lot of different users with a lot of different computer configurations/administrative restrictions, it’s very delicate to update, because users don’t have administrative privileges.


·        Please tell us about an app that you’re working on at the moment.

Currently, I’m implementing some new features in my “most interesting app”. I’m doing some reports and charts, using Microsoft Reporting Services and Microsoft Chart Control. I also have other small applications to improve. After that I will start with an Intranet application using ASP.NET and AJAX.


·        What other technologies do you most commonly use?

I use mainly WinForms, but I also use ASP.NET/AJAX. In my free time, I’m working with WPF, and exploring new technologies like Lambda Expressions, LINQ, etc; all that can be useful.


·        What are some of your favorite VB features?

Syntax, Case Insensitivity, XML Literals, XML Comments, Generics Classes, My Namespace, etc.


·        What do you like most about VB as a programming language?

The fact that I can use VB in Windows, Web and Office Applications, because you don’t need to learn new languages for each different platform.


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