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Some videos on VB futures have been posted on Channel9 at:

·         Paul Vick and Amanda Silver – VB Language Futures:

·         Paul Vick and Erik Meijer – Dynamic Programming in Visual Basic


As for the last little bit of code I flubbed during our interview, the code I should have written is:

        For Each Item In PO…item

            Dim Price As Double = First(Item.price)

            Dim Quantity As Integer = First(Item.quantity)

            Total += Quantity * Price



The above works and is compatible (and ships) with the Visual Basic 9.0 tech preview. Currently, the Element function returns and IEnumerable(Of Element). We’re looking at ways that the call to First (similar to SQL’s Top) can be removed so that you can write:

        For Each Item In PO…item

            Dim Price As Double = Item.price

            Dim Quantity As Integer = Item.quantity

            Total += Quantity * Price



Please try out the bits and send us your feedback!


And stay tuned for more code samples, releases, articles, and discussion on Visual Basic futures.





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