Code Snippets on Channel9 – Ken Levy and Lisa Feigenbaum

Lisa Feigenbaum

We’ve posted a new video on Channel9 about Code Snippets in VS2005.  Click here to check out the 38min show.

Here are some of the exciting topics that you can look forward to hearing about:


·      What code snippets are and why they were created in VB 2005.

·      How to invoke snippets and then customize them in the IDE.

·      What a code snippet file actually looks like on disk.

·      How to edit code snippets or create your own with the Snippet Editor.

·      Going forward: places to look for more info and where you can go to post your own.


For your convenience I’ve also pasted some useful code snippet sites here, that are mentioned in the video:

           Code Snippets FAQ: Learn a lot of good information in this FAQ.

      VB IDE Forum: Post your own questions about snippets here!
      VB IDE blog: For tips & tricks about snippets.

      MSDN download page:
 Additional snippets will later be posted here.

      Most Wanted Page:
 Go request a snippet you’d like to see!

      The Snippet Editor:
A tool to help edit and create your own code snippets.

      Community Power Toys:
Tools to help turn your .snippet file into a .vsi 
      (so that it can be downloaded with the standard Visual Studio Installer).    
Also contains a template to help create your own snippet hosting site.

      Current Snippet Hosting Sites:
      Go post your snippets on one of these sites, so that they can be shared with the community…                           






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