Scott Chamberlin

Principal Software Engineering Lead, Windows Core Operating System

Scott Chamberlin is a Principal Software Engineering Lead in the Windows Core Operating System team and helps drive Software Sustainability Initiatives across Microsoft. During his 20 year career at Microsoft he helped lead many engineering teams across Visual Studio, Xbox, Windows and was even an engineer on Zune (RIP)! Outside of work Scott spends his time Trail Running, Skiing and with his wife and two daughters.

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Does the Language You Choose Change the Carbon Impact of Client UI Apps?

In my previous post here, I went over how you can use the energy monitoring framework built into Windows (on battery powered devices) to estimate the energy consumption of your applications.  In this post, I am taking it a step further and using the energy monitoring framework to evaluate application tradeoffs a developer might make to ...

Measuring Your Application Power and Carbon Impact (Part 1)

Overview of using the built in Energy Estimation Engine to estimate the carbon impact of your application.

Introducing Software Sustainability

Our goal for this blog is to provide a set of resources as well as a community for developers wanting to make an impact. The content will cover a broad range of topics but will be entirely about decreasing the amount of carbon, waste, or water wasted directly or indirectly as related to software.