Fluent UI for Microsoft Surface Duo

Aneesha Kommineni

Hello Kotlin and Java developers,

I’m pleased to present our first release of Fluent UI Android controls for Surface Duo. Fluent UI is a user experience framework to help you build attractive apps that are consistent across Android and other platforms. Read more about Fluent UI.

To help developers build dual-screen apps we have enhanced many of the Fluent UI Android layouts and controls to be dual-screen aware.

Fluent UI for Surface Duo

There are nine Fluent UI controls that have been enhanced for dual-screen devices:


Search input box does not extend under the hinge


Always appears on the right screen, and never under the hinge


Can be spanned under hinge and day columns adjust


Drawer appears on a single screen


Persona chips will avoid being placed under the hinge


Popups will not appear under the hinge


Menus will avoid appearing under the hinge


The snackbar will only show on a single screen, and not appear spanned under the hinge


Tooltips avoid appearing under the hinge

You can add the controls to your app by updating your build.gradle file, and read more details in the dual-screen documentation.

Enhanced control examples

The Fluent UI sample app available on GitHub is also dual-screen enhanced: when you span the app across both screens the control list is filtered to show only enhanced controls:

Surface Duo Fluent UI demo app
Figure 1: Demo app filters control list to show only enhanced controls when spanned

This makes it easy to explore the different dual-screen options available in Fluent UI, including the controls shown below.


The sample itself is contained in a dual-screen enhanced AppBarLayout control, which is declared in the activity_demo_list.xml layout, like this:

    android:layout_height="wrap_content" />

The key enhancement of the AppBarLayout is that the search input box does not display under the hinge:

Surface Duo showing the app bar layout
Figure 2: AppBarLayout spanned across two screens

There are a number of additional display options (such as the scrolling behavior, back button visibility, and theme). See the AppBarLayoutActivity.kt file for example implementation details.


Snackbars are a convenient way for the app to inform the user or get their (optional) input. The Fluent UI Snackbar does this while avoiding being drawn under the hinge. A simple snackbar with an action button can be shown with this code:

val snackbar = Snackbar.make(root_view, "This is a multiline snackbar. Max lines are set to two", Snackbar.LENGTH_INDEFINITE)
    .setAction("Action", View.OnClickListener {
        // handle click here

Surface Duo showing snackbar
Figure 3: Snackbar only appears on a single screen

Various other options are demonstrated in the SnackbarActivity.kt file included in the sample.


This control shows a popup date and time picker, which is centered on a single screen, but shifts to the right when the application is spanned. Here’s a code snippet from the sample app that will show the picker:

val dateTimePicker = DateTimePicker.newInstance(
dateTimePicker.show(supportFragmentManager, picker.tag)

Surface Duo showing date time picker
Figure 4: DateTimePicker does not appear under the hinge

The actual popup is configurable for dates, times, or a date/time range.

Other enhanced controls

There are six other enhanced controls included in the Fluent UI Android package. View the dual-screen Fluent UI documentation for more examples and code-snippets to learn more.

Best Inventions of 2020

It was exciting to see Time magazine included the Surface Duo in their Best Inventions of 2020 list. They recognized the dual-screen form factor was “a glimpse into the future of mobile computing”.


We’d love to hear how about the apps you’re building for dual-screen devices and how Fluent UI can help. Download the demo or review the source code on the FluentUI-Android GitHub repo, and raise an issue if you have a question.

Please reach out to the Surface Duo Developer Experience team using the feedback forum or Twitter.


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