Semantic Kernel Roadmap: Fall Release Preview

John Maeda

John Maeda and Evan Chaki
Evan Chaki (L) and John Maeda (R) previewing the third official release of Semantic Kernel


The Semantic Kernel team is thrilled to present the fall 2023 release plan for Semantic Kernel. Our focus is on delivering key developments and enhancements across three pillars: open source and trustworthiness, reliability and performance, and integration of the latest AI innovations.

  • To ensure openness and trust, we are adopting the OpenAI Plugin open standard, allowing users to create plugins that seamlessly work across OpenAI, Semantic Kernel, and the Microsoft platform. Our team is dedicated to scalability and reliability in the core kernel and planner.
  • We are committed to enhancing reliability and performance by improving Planners, making them more efficient and capable of handling global-scale deployments effortlessly. Expect features like cold storage plans for consistency and dynamic planners that automatically discover Plugins.
  • When it comes to the latest AI innovations, we are excited to integrate popular vector databases such as Pine Cone, Redis, Weaviate, Chroma, along with Azure Cognitive Search and Services. Additionally, we are developing a document chunking service and enhancing the VS Code extension for Semantic Kernel.

Telemetry and AI safety are critical aspects that we’re addressing in the plan. With end-to-end telemetry, developers gain insights into goal-oriented AI plan creation, token usage, and errors. Integration of Azure Content Safety hooks provides a streamlined approach to ensure AI safety.

Watch The Fall Release Video

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Direct link to video


In summary, anticipate exciting features such as:

  • Plugin testing
  • Dynamic planners
  • End-to-end telemetry
  • Streaming support
  • Enhanced VS Code extension.

The fall 2023 release plan for Semantic Kernel emphasizes open collaboration, performance improvements, and the integration of cutting-edge AI innovations. Together, we are building a robust and reliable AI development platform. And we appreciate all your help, support, and feedback! Thank you! Our public GitHub boards are here.

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  • Eris Edna 0

    Hi John
    Exciting news! Is there a precise launch date yet in fall? Is it more September or November?

    Cool t-shirts by the way!
    Eris Edna
    Icon SA Switzerland

    • John MaedaMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks — it’s September, but keep in mind that many of these features are trickling out from now until then. Go to to join the community. And please star the repo if you like it! Thanks!

  • Tomasz Grzmilas 1

    Video is not available

    • José Luis Latorre Millás 0

      Hi Tomasz, video is available through Alex Chao’s youtube:

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