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We’ve already been using issues on GitHub to collect feedback and bugs from the community. This has allowed us to prioritize the most important features and fixes for the community. We’re now taking this a step further by making our project boards public. This will allow you to see what we’re working on now and what we’re planning to work on next!

Our public project boards

The Semantic Kernel team is composed of two main teams: the Open Source Software (OSS) team and the Apps and Services team. The OSS team is responsible for the core Semantic Kernel SDKs and the Apps and Services team is responsible for reference applications like Copilot chat.

Each team has their own project boards to prioritize the enhancements they’re working on. You can find the project boards for each team here:

Team Feature area Link
OSS The team responsible for supporting the core Semantic Kernel SDK in Python, C#, and Java. Open project
Apps and Services Includes enhancements to Copilot chat reference app and any of the samples that demonstrate how to use Semantic Kernel. Open project

Additionally, we are committed to improving our documentation and making it easier to use Semantic Kernel. To see what we’re actively working on for documentation, check out the documentation project board.

How to navigate the project boards

Each of the projects have two main views: the current sprint view and the backlog view. Each of the backlog views are prioritized by the team and are in order of what we plan to work on next.

For example, in the Apps and Services backlog, you can see the top items we want to work on next across the Copilot chat application (e.g., the end-user UX and the development experience). We also have columns tracking improvements to Semantic Kernel samples and plugins.

Backlog for apps and services

If you would like to see something worked on sooner, please up-vote the issue by adding a thumbs up reaction to the issue.

We’re also making our decisions public

Lastly, we’ve adopted Markdown Any Decision Records (MADR) to document all of our key decisions for Semantic Kernel. You can find all of our current MADRs in the Semantic Kernel repository.

All new decisions will go through a pull request process to ensure that the community has a chance to review and comment on the decision before it is made, so keep an eye out for new MADRs and feel free to comment on them!

We want to hear from you!

As always, we want to hear from you! If you have any feedback on Semantic Kernel, please let us know by opening an issue or submitting a pull request. Together, we can make Semantic Kernel the best open source AI orchestrator for everyone.


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