American technologist and product experience leader. Currently VP of design and artificial intelligence at Microsoft. Author of five books including a gentle intro to AI/ML "How to Speak Machine (Penguin)" and the "Laws of Simplicity (MIT Press)." Represented in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, NYC and the Cartier Foundation, Paris.

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Early Lessons From GPT-4: The Schillace Laws

What if you could use natural language to create software? What if you could leverage the power of a large-scale language model that can generate code, data, and text from simple prompts? What if you could balance the trade-offs between leverage and precision, uncertainty and interaction, complexity and simplicity? These are some of the ...

Hello, Semantic Kernel!

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLM) are helping to transform the way we develop and interact with software. From chatbots to code generators, natural language is the future of user interaction, delivering delightful and intelligent "copilot" experiences. As these AI models become more prevalent and accessible, ...

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