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Summary: Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy, created a video to illustrate using Windows PowerShell 5.0 to create compressed archives.

Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. The sky is a deep blue, and the early morning haze on the horizon hides the fluffy white clouds causing them to blend into the sky like a brush stroke by an impressionist painter.

I am sitting outside with my Surface Pro 3 under a huge oak tree that looks like it is a thousand years old. I brought a pot of Earl Grey tea with me. I added some lavender to the pot while my leaves were steeping. It is a beautiful morning to be out and about. Next weekend, the Scripting Wife and I will be traveling back from the Atlanta TechStravaganza, but this weekend is free for exploration—if the weather continues to cooperate.

I thought it would be cool to make a video to show how easy it is to use the new archive module in Windows PowerShell 5.0.

Note  I talked about using the new Compress-Archive cmdlet in New Feature in PowerShell 5: Compress Files.

So here is my video…CompressArchives:


Here is a link to the video from YouTube if you would like to download it or play it offline in a different video player:

CompressArchive by Ed Wilson

Well, that is about it. I think I am going to go back inside, grab my camera, and head out to take some pictures. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy 

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