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Devfarm Software’s mission is to build world-class products to simplify and automate the daily activities of IT administrators.  Devfarm Software’s flagship product, PowerWF Studio delivers on this dream by leveraging Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows PowerShell to innovate in the areas of administration, virtualization, service desk, and monitoring. 

PowerWF is a unique authoring tool that turns Windows PowerShell commands into toolbox items that can easily be used to create powerful workflows. PowerWF can convert existing Windows PowerShell scripts into workflows which can then be extended by using Windows PowerShell and non-Windows PowerShell activities. PowerWF includes a workflow debugger, which enables easier creation and testing of workflows that leverage Windows PowerShell. By using a workflow and Windows PowerShell together, administrators can accomplish simple tasks (such as creating standalone executable programs) to more advanced tasks (such as creating and deploying rich management packs for System Center Service Manager and System Center Operations Manager. These tasks are possible by using Windows PowerShell or by leveraging the drag-and-drop workflow design surface. 

For more information about PowerWF and to download a trial version, visit the PowerWF – Visual PowerShell website. 

PowerSE is a best-in-class, free Windows PowerShell script editor that can be downloaded by itself or as part of the PowerWF package where it is included automatically. PowerSE has all the features expected in high-end script editors like color syntax highlighting, tab completion, and deep Intellisense of Windows PowerShell, WMI, and .NET. But what truly makes PowerSE special, is how it helps you learn and use Windows PowerShell faster. Smart command-line Help is there when you need it. A detailed command history shows execution time and success or failure, and there is a detailed variable inspection window. A seamless blending of these features with a syntax editor and a Windows PowerShell command console allow you to make the most of your time with Windows PowerShell.

To download the standalone, free version of PowerSE, see the Download PowerSE Today website.

PowerVI is a VMware automation tool that extends the vSphere Client, providing access to dozens of prebuilt automation scripts that simplify everyday VMware administration tasks. The PowerVI menu is dynamically generated, based on the scripts that you have installed or created. This enables Windows PowerShell scripts to be easily executed directly from the vSphere Client through context sensitive actions. This provides a customizable UI extension for the vSphere Client.

For additional information about PowerVI, please visit the PowerVI – PowerScripter, vSphere Automation Fueled by PowerShell website.

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