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Summary: Guest blogger, Teresa Wilson, talks about the Windows PowerShell Summit.

Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. Today the Scripting Wife wants to talk a bit about what the Windows PowerShell Summit means to her. Take it away Scripting Wife…

Anyone who follows social media will know by now that today is my birthday. I see no sense in hiding the fact, so I am just going to wallow in my day. I don’t need gifts, but I do love to see the messages and hugs that are sent my way. They are far more valuable than anything that could be wrapped and presented to me. Speaking of hugs,,,

One of the great joys in my life as the Scripting Wife is the luxury of attending conferences with Ed and making friends. I anxiously await any opportunity to attend user group meetings, PowerShell Saturdays, and the bigger conferences like TechEd and the Windows PowerShell Summit. I will confess that last year at the Windows PowerShell Summit, not only did I get to see existing friends (read hug existing friends) and make a bunch of new friends, I also gained something tangible for me.

I saw an attendee with a laptop that immediately caught my eye. It was an XXXX brand with colored lights on the keyboard. Oh boy, did my eyes light up! I dragged Ed over to where Michael (owner of the laptop) sat, and I just said, “Look Ed.” He laughed because he knew where this was going. He shook his head and said, “No, that is a gaming laptop, and you do not need a gaming laptop.”

Long story short…

I am now the proud owner of a laptop that is huge, so it has become my workstation that does not get moved. It has a beautiful display of colored lights. I can tell you this was certainly one Windows PowerShell Summit that I will not soon forget. One of the attendees even wrote a Windows PowerShell script that makes the lights rotate! (Thanks, Chris.)   

Now for the best part, I made so many new friends, and I have helped some of these people get user groups started in their hometowns. I have been able to help people be connected within the Windows PowerShell family. Those are some of the great things that happened in the social time. The following photo illustrates one such room.

Photo of classroom

Next comes the wealth of knowledge the attendees gain from attending the Summit. The call for session submissions closes tomorrow, and I cannot wait to see the lineup for the sessions for 2014. The really nice thing about the Windows PowerShell Summit is the time you get to spend with other professionals. There is so much knowledge to learn and share. Members from the Windows PowerShell team are able to get away from their desks to make presentations and answer questions. Here is a picture of me and Lee Holmes.

Photo of Lee Holmes and Scripting Wife

MVPs are in attendance. They have so much experience that it is mind boggling. Plus they would not be MVPs if they have not shown a giving spirit and truly want to help others learn. My advice is: Do yourself and your company a favor and get signed up for the Windows PowerShell Summit in April 2014. You will be amazed!

Here is a link for Here is a link for, where you can find a wealth of information. There is not only information about the Windows PowerShell Summit—you can also find a list of Windows PowerShell books, information about the Forums and user groups, and much more.

~Scripting Wife

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Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy 


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