PowerTip: Use PowerShell to View Trace Sources

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Summary: Use Windows PowerShell to view all trace sources. Hey, Scripting Guy! Question How can I use Windows PowerShell to see all available trace sources?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Use Get-TraceSource cmdlet:

Get-TraceSource | Select Name, Description

PS C:> get-tracesource | Select Name, Description  

Name                                                        Description

—-                                                            ———–

CertificateProvider                                     The core command provider for certificates

CmdletProviderClasses                              The namespace provider base classes tracer

CmdletProviderContext                             The context under which a core command is being run.

CommandDiscovery                                  Traces the discovery of cmdlets, scripts, functions, app…

CommandHelpProvider                             CommandHelpProvider

CommandSearch                                       CommandSearch

ConsoleControl                                          Console control methods

ConsoleHost                                               ConsoleHost subclass of S.M.A.PSHost

ConsoleHostRunspaceInit                           Initialization code for ConsoleHost’s Runspace

ConsoleHostUserInterface                          Console host’s subclass of S.M.A.Host.Console

ConsoleLineOutput                                     ConsoleLineOutput

DisplayDataQuery                                       DisplayDataQuery

ETS                                                              Extended Type System

FileSystemProvider                                     The namespace navigation provider for the file system

FormatFileLoading                                      Loading format files

FormatInfoDataClassFactory                       FormatInfoDataClassFactory

FormatViewBinding                                    Format view binding

GetHelpCommand                                      GetHelpCommand

InternalDeserializer                                     InternalDeserializer class

LocationGlobber                                         The location globber converts PowerShell paths with glob…

MemberResolution                                     Traces the resolution from member name to the member. A …

Modules                                                      Module loading and analysis

MshSnapinLoadUnload                               Loading and unloading mshsnapins

NativeCommandParameterBinder              The parameter binder for native commands

NavigationCommands                                The namespace navigation tracer

ParameterBinderBase                                 Abstract helper class for the CommandProcessor that bi…

ParameterBinderControlle r                         Controls the interaction between the command processor a…

ParameterBinding                                      Traces the process of binding the arguments to the param…

PathResolution                                           Traces the path resolution algorithm.

PSDriveInfo                                                 The namespace navigation tracer

PSSnapInLoadUnload                                 Loading and unloading mshsnapins

RegistryProvider                                         Namespace navigation provider for the Windows Registry

RunspaceInit                                               Initialization code for Runspace

SessionState                                               SessionState Class

SessionStateProvider                                  Providers that produce a view of session state data

TypeConversion                                          Traces the type conversion algorithm

TypeMatch                                                  F&O TypeMatch


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