PowerTip: Get Azure Virtual Machine Diagnostics by using PowerShell

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Summary: Use the Azure Resource Manager cmdlets to retrieve diagnostic data within Azure Resource Manager virtual machines.

Hey, Scripting Guy! Question Our QA department was asking a very specific question that I didn’t know how to answer. Is there anything in an Azure virtual machine (VM) to show the quality of the boot and its startup?

Hey, Scripting Guy! Answer Maybe this will help. You can access the boot diagnostics data with a single cmdlet. To retrieve the data for a single machine, use the Get-AzureRmVMBootDiagnosticsData cmdlet and add a parameter to target whether the machine is a Windows VM or Linux VM. Here is an example:

Get-AzureRmVMBootDiagnosticsData -ResourceGroupName HSG-AzureRG -Name HSG-Linux1 -Linux

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