PowerTip: Build simple HTML with PowerShell

Doctor Scripto

Dr Scripto

Summary: Here’s how to use the ConvertTo-HTML cmdlet to build basic HTML content.

  Hey, Scripting Guy! Occasionally I need to build basic HTML documents. I heard there was a way to do that with Windows PowerShell.

  There most certainly is! Just use the ConvertTo-HTML cmdlet to save the day! For example:


                          This is a simple text Document in PowerShell

                          That I am going to make into a Tiny web page



                          ConvertTo-Html -InputObject $SampleDoc


Doctor Scripto
Dr Scripto

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Marvin Gonzales 2019-03-24 05:50:14
what is the exact explanation on how to get the command which is ConvertTo-Html -InputObject $SampleDoc