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Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, talks about the Windows PowerShell Summit Europe in Amsterdam.

Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. It is nearly here…just a few weeks actually. And unbelievably, there are still a few tickets left.  I am talking about the Windows PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 in Amsterdam. This is an awesome event, and it is being held in an awesome city.

The Scripting Wife and I have been to the Netherlands twice in the past couple years. Each time was to talk to the Dutch PowerShell User Group (which is one of the world’s best Windows PowerShell user groups, by the way). It is in large part to the strength of this fabulous user group that PowerShell.org decided to host Windows PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 in Amsterdam.

To give you an idea about the caliber of the Dutch PowerShell User Group—the last time I was there speaking, there were four Windows PowerShell MVPs in attendance.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city. Here is a picture I took on the way to the Van Gogh Museum:

Photo of buildings

Here is a picture of the museum quarter:

Image of park

Of course, the reasons for attending Windows PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 is to learn from the masters and to have the opportunity to network with some of the world’s leading Windows PowerShell people. The Windows PowerShell team is sending four people:

  • Jeffrey Snover (inventor of Windows PowerShell)
  • Lee Holmes (author of The PowerShell Cookbook)
  • Dan Harman (principle program manager for Windows PowerShell)
  • Jim Truher (codesigner of original Windows PowerShell language)

For more information, refer to the Windows PowerShell Blog post, PowerShell Summit Europe 2014.

In addition, numerous Windows PowerShell MVPs will be in attendance and will also be presenting. Those MVPs who will be presenting include Don Jones, Richard Siddaway, Steve Murawski, Jeff Wouters, Arnaud Petitjean, Bartosz Bielawski, and Tobias Weltner. For a complete agenda, see the PowerShell Summit Agenda page.

This is truly a blue-ribbon event that you will not want to miss. For complete registrations information, refer to this page: PowerShell Summit Europe 2014: Before You Register.

Hey, that is all there is to registering for the Windows PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 in Amsterdam. Join me tomorrow for the Weekend Scripter.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter and Facebook. If you have any questions, send email to me at scripter@microsoft.com, or post your questions on the Official Scripting Guys Forum. See you tomorrow. Until then, peace.

Ed Wilson, Microsoft Scripting Guy 


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