Meet the PowerShell Summit 2015 Speakers #4

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Summary: Microsoft PowerShell MVP, Teresa Wilson, talks about the Windows PowerShell Summit 2015 speakers.

Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, is here. We continue with guest blogger, Teresa Wilson, as she shares some of the speakers and their sessions for the North America PowerShell Summit 2015.

Let’s kick off today with Jeffery Hicks. Jeff is a Windows PowerShell MVP, and he is on the Board of Directors for He has been a guest blogger on this site, and he is being an Honorary Scripting Guy. I can go on for pages about the other things he is involved in, but I won’t do that today. Jeff’s session at the Summit is:

  • Delegation Tooling with PowerShell and JEA. We all know about using the right tool for the job and the concept of least privilege use. But how can you balance the two? In this session, we will walk through the process of creating a Windows PowerShell-based tool that relies on constrained and delegated end points. The goal is to convey principals and techniques for putting Windows PowerShell delegation to practical use.

As shown here, it is really hard to find a photo of Jeff when he is not working:

Photo of Jeff Hicks

For more from Jeff, see:

June Blender will be joining us this year. June is not a stranger to the Windows PowerShell world. She is an Honorary Scripting Guy and so much more. June’s session is:

  • PowerShell Help Deep Dive with June Blender. Improve the Help content that you write in this intensive, hands-on Help-writing workshop. Former Windows PowerShell senior programming writer, June Blender, teaches you skills that professional technical writers use to create clear and comprehensible descriptions and instructive examples. You’ll write, review, and critique real Help content. You’ll also learn best practices to improve your writing, including blog posts and magazine articles. June will run through the steps of creating Updatable Help from start to finish and share a script that analyzes the quality of your Help topics.

Here’s a photo of June:

Photo of June Blender

For more from June, see:

Mike Robbins is a Windows PowerShell MVP, cofounder of the Mississippi PowerShell User Group, and past winner of the Scripting Games. You will see him as a guest blogger here on occasion. Mike is speaking on:

  • PowerShellGet: The Big-Easy Way to Discover, Install, and Update Windows PowerShell modules. What process do you currently have in place for sharing Windows PowerShell modules within your organization? It’s probably haphazard to say the least. But you’ll be happy to know that thanks to the new features provided by the cmdlets in the PowerShellGet module, which is part of Windows PowerShell 5.0, you’ll be able to send your current haphazard process to Out-Null and never have to deal with it again!During this session, Windows PowerShell MVP and Scripting Games winner, Mike F Robbins, will demonstrate finding, publishing, installing, and updating modules. We’ll start out with the default online Microsoft repository and then move to installing two of our own private repositories—one using Visual Studio and another using ProGet. We’ll also cover the caveats of publishing your own modules including what metadata is required to successfully publish modules to a PowerShellGet repository.

Mike is in the middle of the following photo. On the left is Ferdinand Rios from Sapien Technologies, and on the right is Jason Helmick.

Photo of Mike Robbins, Ferdinand Rios, and Jason Helmick

For more from Mike, see:

That’s it for today, come back tomorrow when I will tell you about more of the sessions and speakers for PowerShell Summit North America 2015.


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