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I wanted to make you aware of some changes we’re making to the Scripting node in the Microsoft TechNet Library.  Summary The Scripting node in the TechNet Library has been renamed Scripting with Windows PowerShell, and will contain Windows PowerShell language documentation and cmdlet help for multiple Microsoft products. Details Until recently, the Scripting node consisted of the main Windows PowerShell node containing the core product documentation and the Script Center, which contained information that was getting dated and obsolete. After reviewing the content in the Script Center node with the Scripting Guy, the Windows PowerShell authoring team and our managing editors jointly decided to archive the older material. This left Windows PowerShell alone, so we promoted it to a top-level node in the Library. Our goal is to create the ultimate Windows PowerShell documentation center – your one-stop-shop for all things PowerShell.  To support this effort , we began by renaming the node to Scripting with Windows PowerShell. This name focuses on the scripting aspect of PowerShell, and enables us to invite many other technologies that support PowerShell, but that are not under the “Windows” product umbrella. The Windows PowerShell “core” modules, and all the Windows PowerShell supported technologies built into Windows Server and Client, appear under this node now.  System Center will be added soon.  Each technology/product will be in a node called Technology/Product Name Automation with Windows PowerShell.  In addition to the latest version of the Help for each module and cmdlet, you’ll also find a Previous Versions of Windows PowerShell Modules node that will host the older versions of the documentation.  The new ToC was decided upon and vetted by a team (those on the CC line) consisting of PowerShell writers, managing editors, and release managers. We feel that this new structure gives us a great structure with which to grow. Moving forward, we intend to talk with the other teams that own PowerShell support for other products across Microsoft.  Some of them have very established PowerShell presences; we don’t want to disrupt the success they’ve already had, but we’ll see what we can do to encourage all of the teams to join us in the Scripting with Windows PowerShell node. Look for the changes in the TechNet Library starting now and coming in the next several weeks! Thanks, Dave Bishop senior technical writer

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