Q# Advent Calendar 2020

Mariia Mykhailova


For the past two years we hosted Q# Advent Calendar (2018 and 2019) – a blogging event in which every day in December one awesome community member writes a blog post about Q#. I really enjoyed reading both years’ entries, so let’s do it again!

Q# Advent Calendar 2020

The rules are simple:

  1. Reserve a slot by leaving a comment on this post. (You can also tweet about it, but you’ll have to mention @tcNickolas to make sure we’ve seen it!) The slots are assigned on the first come, first serve basis. You do not have to announce the topic of your blog post until you’re ready to publish it, but we’d really love to hear it beforehand. (This also helps other bloggers to pick a topic that is not too close to the ones already covered.)
  2. Prepare a blog post (in English) about Q#, cool project you’ve done in Q#, learning Q#, teaching Q#, using Q# for research, tools for working with Q#… You got the idea.* Don’t forget to check out the previous calendars for inspiration!
  3. Publish your blog post on your assigned date. Don’t forget to link back to the Q# Advent Calendar from your post, so that your readers can find the entire advent.
  4. Leave the link to your blog post in a comment to this post, and we’ll add it to the calendar. If you share a link to your post on Twitter, use hashtags #qsharp and #QsAdvent.

*Q# Advent Calendar accepts only original content.

DateAuthorPost Title
Dec 1Vincent van WingerdenQuantum Secret Santa
Dec 2Mariia MykhailovaInside the Quantum Katas, part 1
Dec 3Dmytro FedoriakaDecomposing unitary matrix into Q# quantum gates
Dec 4Mathias SoekenEmulation in Q#
Dec 5Raphael KohStaring into the soul of a Quantum program
Dec 6Microsoft Quantum teamAzure Quantum Developer Workshop
Dec 7Syed Farhan AhmadVariational quantum classifier
Dec 8Sarang BrahmeCloud Architecture for Quantum Computing — with Azure
Dec 9Julien MellaertsQuantum device fidelity benchmark in Q#
Dec 10Andrew HelwerTwo pictures of quantum computation
Dec 11Alan GellerThree years of Q#
Dec 12Syed Farhan AhmadTeaching Quantum Computing with Microsoft Q# at Mini-Workshops
Dec 13Kunal Kasodekar et alA look into Quantum Machine Learning
Dec 14Filip WojcieszynCreating Q# Compiler Rewrite Steps
Dec 15Arthur CasalsMicrosoft and the State of Quantum: Q&A With Mariia Mykhailova
Dec 16Kitty YeungA Cat’s Survival Mechanism
Dec 18Lucy Zhang, Arjun SubramonianSimple Quantum Gates Card Game using Python and Q#
Dec 19Guen Prawiroatmodjo, Andy SunPreparing a Gaussian wave function in Q#
Dec 20Pratik SatheMeasurements in Q#
Dec 21William OlsenThe All-Seeing Oracle
Dec 22Aman BansalFlame Graphs for Q#
Dec 23Melvin MathewsUsing Grover’s search algorithm to solve cryptarithms
Dec 24Chris KangA Summary of Fermionic/Molecular Simulation
Dec 25Oleksii MudrykLatest Q# notebooks visualization capabilities

Looking forward to reading your Q# stories!


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