Holger Sirtl

Cloud Solution Architect and Quantum Ambassador

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Implementing DevOps for Quantum Applications

This blog post illustrates how CI/CD-pipelines can be built for hybrid quantum apps with tools from the Quantum Development Kit (QDK), GitHub Actions and various Azure services. These cover the full app lifecycle: from app building, automated testing, resource estimating up to provisioning the target environment and deployment of the app.

Hybrid Quantum Applications with Azure Functions

Quantum applications are typically of hybrid nature: there is always a classical component that submits and monitors the quantum jobs at runtime. This blog shows how Azure Functions can be used to integrate quantum components written in Q# via APIs into classical applications in a serverless model.

DevOps for Quantum Computing

This blog post shows how DevOps practices need to adapt when software includes both classical and quantum components, resulting in a repeatable, high-quality process for building, deploying, and monitoring hybrid quantum software.