Visual C++ 2012 Debugger Extensibility

Andrew Arnott

Back in Visual C++ 2010 we introduced debugger extensibility so that third party vendors can either add new debugger engines or new ways of launching existing debugger engines for C++ projects. 

In Visual C++ 2012 this debugger extensibility has been updated.  Any previous extensions that were compiled against Visual C++ 2010 will have to be recompiled after updating your source code to implement the new interface.  Visual Studio doesn’t usually break backward compatibility, particularly for extension points, and we realize this can cause some additional work for our partners.  This interface in both its 2010 and 2012 versions isn’t considered “final”, so while we knew our partners need this extensibility point in these intermediate forms, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we evolve what we hope will become a common extensible platform for project systems.

With that out of the way, please check out the new Visual C++ 2012 Debugger Launch Extension project template on the Visual Studio Gallery to get started.


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