Using B2C to support multi-tenant SaaS apps

Developer Support

Premier Dev Consultant Marius Rochon shares his GitHub samples to help you get started with Azure B2C and multi-tenant SaaS apps.

This is a sample application illustrating support for multi-tenant SaaS applications using a single B2C Azure AD tenant. All source is in this repo.

Note: this sample is NOT about using AAD multi-tenancy to support an application. AAD multi-tenancy is ideal for medium-to-large enterprises who own and manage their own identity infrastructure. This sample is for small enterprises, usually without their own identity infrastructure. It provides support for an application that needs to group it’s users into discrete groups, each representing an application tenant – a group of people sharing common data in the application. Azure AD B2C allows create their own logins, possibly use some external identity providers (social or work). Using the code provided in this repo, B2C will maintain association between users and application tenants and provide that data to your applications when users sign in.

For your convenience, these samples are shared on GitHub.



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