Loading paged and related data from MS Graph API into Power BI using a recursive Power Query function

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Senior Application Development Manager, Robert Reilly, recently came upon a situation where he needed to provide enhanced, adhoc, and drillable reporting based on a mix of data sources.  Leveraging Microsoft Graph API for customer data and using Power BI, he explores the power of using these technologies together to build a solution and shared his story.

Our customer had already completed a federation and sync of their Active Directory to Azure AD.  Since we determined the need to correlate data back to the customers Internal business units(departments) and our data included the customers email address, we figured that Azure AD might be the place to get the data we needed as well and be useful for all kinds of reporting even beyond the current need.

Since I wanted to keep this simple for this particular deliverable and also because I had not had a chance to do more than play with Power BI Desktop I decided to look at building the solution with Power BI.  Power BI provides a much richer visualization environment than excel but still uses the same data loading technology, known as Power Query, and the same in memory database, known as Power Pivot, that Excel uses.  So I did not need to learn new tools to get the data loaded into a useable format.

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