Cloud Computing + Modern DevOps == Productivity Gains

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In this post,  App Dev Manager, Omer Amin reminds us that thinking about old problems in new ways is critically important for maximizing the benefits of the cloud. 

The Productivity Paradox…When new tools promise higher productivity, but fail to deliver.

e-commerceI came across this concept last weekend when I was reading Tim Harford’s “Fifty Inventions that shaped the Modern Economy”. He was talking about the Dynamo’s, and how their invention was supposed to revolutionize the industrial era. When the Dynamo was invented, factories still ran on steam generators. Most factories were had huge steam engines that delivered power to the rest of the building through a central drive shaft. If you wanted mechanical power in your part of the factory to power a new do-hickey, then you would have to attach to the central drive shaft to drive your equipment.

Economists noted that after the invention of the Dynamo, most factory owners were interested in clean and reliable power from a nearby electricity generation station, but the way they used the power turned out to be the key difference in realizing a return on investment.

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