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App Dev Manager Dave Harrison talks with Jon Cwiak, Enterprise Cloud Platform Architect at Humana, about the adoption of DevOps.

The following content is shared from an interview with Jon Cwiak, Enterprise Cloud Platform Architect at Humana. What we loved about talking with Jon was his candor – he’s very honest and upfront that the story of Humana’s adoption of DevOps has not always been smooth, and the struggles and challenges they’re facing. Along the way we learned some eye-opening insights:

  • Having a DevOps team isn’t necessarily a bad thing
  • How can you break down walls and change very traditional mindsets or siloed groups?
  • How two metrics alone can tell you how your organization’s health
  • The Humana story as a practical roadmap, from version control to config management to feature toggles and microservices
  • The power of laziness as a positive career trait!

Read the full post on Dave’s blog

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