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When we started the Premier Developer blog, we wanted it to be a reflection of our team, our business, and the things we are passionate about.  Unlike many Microsoft blogs that focus on one technology or product, you may notice we cover a lot of ground here.  Sometimes post topics are technical in nature, sometimes they are purely business or process focused.  Perhaps the most important variables in everything we do:  people.  Highly productive teams learn how to work well together and the importance of a diverse, respectful workplace will absolutely impact productivity.  Technology can be empowering and it starts early.  In this post, Technical Delivery Manager, Dan Simmons, reminds us that it’s never too early to inspire the generation of tomorrow.

d2The Micro:Bit is a project in the UK to create an accessible coding option for youth. It’s approximately $15 dollars with some shipping and handling from the UK. After a quick intro from some folks at our Developer Garage, I thought I would finally take the plunge and have some fun with my five year old. I’ve always wanted to mess around with some of the devices out there like the Rasberry Pi, but I didn’t have any serious use cases outside of deterring robocalls (Ars Technica). I also felt my daughter, at least initially, would be more engaged on a device with tangible outcomes outside of the screen (like an LED array)…   Continue reading on Dan’s profile.


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