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Did you realize that you can use Wildcards with our tab completion?

At the very beginning of the project, we had long discussions about whether it should be "Verb-Noun" or "Noun-Verb".  One of the arguments for NOUN-VERB was that it was better for tab completion.  We expected a TON of nouns but only a few verbs.  As such, if you type VERB-<TAB>, you’d see a ton of things to choose from.   Alternatively, if you typed NOUN-<TAB>, you’d only see the VERBS that apply to that noun. 

That wasn’t a good enough reason to go NOUN-VERB.  In the end, we wanted a THINK-TYPE-GET system and VERB-NOUN makes command sequences read like English:

Get-Process |where {$_.handles -ge 500} |sort handles |format-table name,handles

So what about tab completion – are you just hosed?  NOPE.

PowerShell’s tab completion supports wildcards.  Try it yourself:



All that said, I would be remiss if I didn’t point you to MOW’s excellent replacement for our tab completion called PowerTab.  You can get it HERE.

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