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At ITForum, I had a blast giving the session: Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting.  In previous conferences, I tried to have talks that everyone could come to and get something out of.  That worked well a the beginning but I began to get feedback that beginners didn’t like it when we went deep and advanced users didn’t like it if we didn’t.  In this conference, I decided to have a session dedicated to people that know PowerShell well and want to go deep. 

I was so concerned about beginners in the session getting frustrated that I warned people about a dozen times (way overboard!).

This session drills into:

    • Forms and styles of scripting
    • Scriptblocks
    • Switch
    • V2 Script Cmdlets
    • V2 PSJobs

That session is now available online at the link above.  Attached is a ZIP file containing all the files I used in the Demos.


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