Some WMI instances can have their first method call fail and get-member not work in PowerShell V1

PowerShell Team

Due to a problem retrieving the available methods in V1 that we have worked around for the upcoming version of PowerShell, you might experience that the first method call to a WMI object fails with a message that mentions:

           Exception calling GetType() with “0” argument(s): “You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.”


This happens when calling the first method in objects that are not in the root\cimv2 like:




As a PowerShell V1 workaround, a first call to GetType() can be performed to prevent the failure in other method calls.


Also, the get-member cmdlet will fail to work with the instance above with the following error message:

           Get-Member : Exception retrieving members: “Not Found “


As a PowerShell V1 workaround, you can list the properties available in the object by calling:

         $instance.PsObject.Properties | format-table Name


We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause.


Lucio Silveira [MSFT]
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