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Scott Fulton has a good article describing my PDC talk HERE.  In it he says, “Starting with version 2, a user can conceivably write new PowerShell cmdlets in PowerShell, using the built-in IDE, completely independently of Visual Studio.”  This is true but there is more to the story so here it is.

PowerShell’s Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) actually uses an editor control which uses the same technology that will be in the next version of Visual Studio.  It is a great control and get’s better and better with each snapshot we take.  We need to stop taking snapshots long before VS because we’ll ship in W7/WS08R2 so the functions will not be identical.  They obviously have few more devs working on it than we do so their use of the control will be much more comprehensive than ours will as well.  Still – it is pretty great technology.  The Pre Beta users should see signifcant advances from our CTP2 release.


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