PowerGUI Now Officially Released!

PowerShell Team

Yesterday was the official launch of Window Server 2008, the first version of Windows to include PowerShell!  Is that a good day or what?  How could the day get any better?  Well, the people at Quest Software answered that question by officially releasing PowerGUI!

PowerGUI ROCKS!  If you haven’t used it yet, you should download it (it’s free) and kick the tires.  Dmitry Sotnikov and the guys at Quest really got where we were going with PowerShell and PowerGUI does a great job exploiting PowerShell’s capabilities.   This was no small feat.  When I first started telling people about Object Pipelines, ObjectFlow engines, and Know-Nothing Utilities – people looked at me like I had a rat’s tail hanging out of my mouth.  (10,000 thanks to Paul Madden [my boss at Apollo Computers] for introducing me to that wonderful phrase.  The visual imagery of that one is precious!).  But Dmitry and Quest Software got it and produced PowerGUI.

You can read more about PowerGUI by checking out Dmitry’s excellent blog HERE.

Dmitry:  CONGRATULATIONS to you and your team from the entire PowerShell team!  We cannot wait to see what you’ll be able to with the stuff we are delivering in the next release (put your seat belts on for that one!).


Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows Management Partner Architect
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